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オナニーお手伝いボイス vol. 2~5 & 貴女を犯すボイス

(I mean the ones who believed I didn't disappear just yet :P)

The circle of in charge of publishing the next 4 CDs is: 
ねこまる商工会 (Homepage)

オナニーお手伝いボイス2 [ねこまる商工会]
オナニーお手伝いボイス2 / Onani-Otetsudai Voice 2
(Masturbation Helping Voice 2)

Release date: 2011.09.09
CV: 及川貴博 (Oikawa Takahiro), aki

Important points (from original description):
- Unlike the previous volume, the scenario for each voice actors is now different.
- Over 85% of the CD contains adult contents (Yaaaaaaayyyy :D)

オナボ3本セット【945円→525円】ファンサービスパック [ねこまる商工会]
二人のイケメンがあなたを玩具にする連続絶頂ボイス / Futari no ikemen ga anata wo omacha ni suru renzoku zetchou voice
(Two men with sexy voices treats you like a toy which makes you climax multiple times)
oh my god my face is burning when I'm translating the titles... -/////-

Release date: 2012.02.11
CV: 及川貴博 (Oikawa Takahiro), aki

Important points (from original description):
- 90% is adult contents (again, yaaaaayyyyyyy :D)

二人のイケメンがあなたを中出しジャンキーにする連続射精ボイス [ねこまる商工会]
二人のイケメンがあなたを中出しジャンキーにする連続射精ボイス / Futari no ikemen ga anata wo nakadashi junkie ni suru renzoku shasei voice
(Two handsome men makes you a creampie addict by making you climax multiple times)
*creampie= internal ejaculation (source: urban dictionary)

Release date: 2012.03.10
CV: 及川貴博 (Oikawa Takahiro), aki, sin.

Important points (from original description):
- ....the theme is pretty clear for this series by now, don't you think? :3

[NMCD] 二人のイケメン Sorry for the bad quality! :(
二人のイケメン+1本があなたを誘うオルガ天国 / Futari no ikemen + 1 pon ga anata wo sasou orga tengoku
(Two hot guys + 1 bonus seduces you into the orgasm heaven)
Seriously, I thought Japanese was a shy language...goddammit my face -////////-

Release date: 2012.05.03
CV: aki, sin.

Important points (from original description):
- the toy has arrived *-_-* vibrator now plays a part in the scenario.
- contains 3P

貴女を犯すボイス [ClubRio] 
貴女を犯すボイス / Anata wo okasu voice
(Rape fantasy fulfillment voice)

Release date: 2011.12.04
Circle: ClubRio (Link)
CV: Unknown

Important points (from original description):
- this CD contains realistic rape scenes, making you the victim of the scenario.
- track 1: cunnilingus by a perverted doctor forces you to climax
- track 2: he ties you up and ravishes your body until you reach orgasm against your will
- theme of the CD: you're humiliated and toyed with to feel pleasure though you don't want to.

SleepHolic's Comment --------------------------------------------

Hey so it has been almost more than a month, eh?
Sorry for such a long absence. This is a gesture of an apology, please help yourselves~
Oh and just a little request, if you plan to share the link, please let me know ahead of time :S you don't need to write down the source or anything - just comment on the post and I'll get to know that the pleasure is spreading nicely XD
As usual, I actually didn't listen to any of those CDs! Ahahahahahaha...
So if any of the important points are proven false, don't hesitate to tell me :3
Hugs and kisses to all of you cute echi devils <3 enjoy the secretive pleasures~


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