Sunday, 8 September 2013

[REQUEST] ヒプノポリネシアン~BlueHeaven~

ヒプノポリネシアン~BlueHeaven~ [HypnoLife]
ヒプノポリネシアン~BlueHeaven~ / Hypno ploynesian ~BlueHeaven~

Published in: 2013.05.29
Circle: HypnoLife (Homepage)
CV: zero

"Do you know anything about Polynesian sex?"

In the midst of enjoying a vacation in a hotel by the ocean with your lover,
you agree to do a Polynesian sex when he suggests the idea.
5 whole days of him gently caressing your body slowly puts you in a state of hypnosis..
The ecstasy repeats itself over and over again at the end.
Enjoy the pleasurable time given to you only from the hypnotic voice!


--SleepHolic's comment--

Heyyy. Sooo. Kinda late of me eh? Though I was going all crazy about uploading..
Sorry ;w; There's really nothing much I can say about it...forgive me?

Anyways, it's zero-san! Yes, it's him with that smooth, gentle voice <3 yayy.
Though I really didn't listen to the whole thing, his voice matches that of the pros!
Hope you guys like this CD! It's the newest work by kotoha-san, sooo... hurray :D


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  1. Thank you for fulfilling my request! >.<

  2. Thank you sooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!

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  4. Omggg i waant the pasword pleeease!!