Sunday, 22 December 2013

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ゙< December pack included~

Tell me you guys have been waiting.
That will be the only fuel to make me continue on +_+ *threatening tone*
Ahaha. Just kidding, I'm just glad you guys didn't forget this blog :3

For all the lonely souls out there, I made this package a bit heavy for your pleasure <3

And all of the other souls with lovers, 
screw you and I love you guys too <3

恋人はインキュバス~オナニー誘導ボイス~ / Koibito wa succubus ~onani-youdou voice~
(My lover is a succubus ~masturbate-inducement voice~

Release date: 2010.06.22
Circle: Galileo Club
CV: Ducat


Important points:
-Hypnosis will not work on everyone 100%.
  (It's more like a voice leading you to do it, like an instruction..?)

シュガーレス / Sugarless

Release date: 2012.12.07
Circle: Love & Desire
CV: 日野あたる (Hino Ataru)


Important points:
-there's a lot of tools (*-_-*) used in this CD.
   (I don't think there's any threatening scenes, however. Feel free to correct me!)

甘々旦那 聡 / Amaama danshi Satoshi
(Sweet husband Satoshi)

Release date: 2013.01.19
Circle: くされ外道の会 / Kusakare gedou no kai
CV: Johan Tachibana


Important points:
- normal H (I think)

ネコミミショタとニャンニャンしちゃう / Nekomimi shota to nyannyan shichau
(Getting into action with a cat-eared boy)

Release date: 2011.10.01
Circle: HypnoLife
CV: zero


Important points:
- Uh, he has cat ears. (Huzzah!)
- His sentences usually ends with a ~nya, and the voice is very young.
- Action itself is pretty normal, according to the descriptions.

 (is...izzit safe for me to upload this pic?!)
06 二人の肉食系男子にプロポーズされて孕むまで犯られるボイス / Futari no nikushokukei danshi ni propose sarete haramumade okasareru voice
(Two carnivorous guys propose to you and make love with you until you become pregnant)

Release date: 2012.06.13
Circle: ねこまる商工会
CV: AKI, sin.


Important points:
- I think there's 3P. Brace your sexy selves >:3
- bonus track (08) is a different scenario, where the two men tries to make you moan but ends up moaning due to your actions... -///- you technicians...
- track 09 is free talk (cast comments).

Sleepholic's comment---------------------------------

It's the 22nd! I decided to upload the monthly package between 21st~23rd!
And I'm sorry for the lack of descriptions..
I'm currently in a country where I can't gain easy access to the dlsite, so I had to look for reviews or different websites. There's a lot of room for errors, so don't hesitate to correct my mistakes if you find any!


Please look at the first post for the password.
Don't hesitate to ask for re-uploads!
The requests will be read if you comment in the first post <3


  1. Thank you for all these! Happy holidays. :)

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  7. been checking your blog everyday to see if it's "upload day" hahaha
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  8. waiiiii thankyou thankyou thankyou!!
    merry christmas and thank you for the present

    even though its update monthly ive been checking constantly throughout the month hoping for your update lol

    really appreciate your uploads! im sure there are lotsss that wait for your monthly update so pleaseplease continue your blog :D

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  12. merry christmas and thank you so much for the files! just one thing, the 5th track for sugarless and tracks 3-5 in the "nikushokukei" cd seem to be corrupted? i tried redownloading and it was still the same :(

  13. Ummmmm..this is random but did anyone try hypnosis using those audio? cus I have no idea how that works lol..Oh and happy 2014!!!

  14. Come back sooooon I've been faithfully checking throughout this month ; n ; <3333

  15. Thanks for all these CDs :3 it's a pleasure to find updates in your blog ;3

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  17. please please please pleaseeeee update! I love this blog!!!! <3<3<3<3

  18. Thank you so much for taking the time to put up these drama cd's up! I think I'm becoming addicted to doujin work rather than pro.